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Dr. Robert Kenny- FGCU, Dr. Glenda Gunter- UCF, and Dr. Sandi Agle, Lee County Schools collaborated to propel the initial phase this movement, which is now in its 3rd iteration.

Our Passion

This is a compiled explanation of their philosophy, as explained by Dr. Agle.

“Experiential Learning Centers of Tomorrow”

This is the name of our initiative… to begin the transformation of school media centers and public libraries into experiential learning centers where informal, collaborative constructivist learning rules!!! read below as we delve into this exiting topic…

Reading are professional academic writing services among the programs being offered by the library this summer.

This was a headline in a recent local newspaper. What is remarkable about this notice is that anyone would not know that reading programs are being offered in the library The fact that it made the headlines is indicative of the current environmental scan associated with libraries and reading in general. Libraries and school media centers have been under considerable pressure recently. The latter situation has been aggravated by the fact that becoming a media specialist no longer requires a Masters Degree for one to qualify to become a media specialist. Once you pass the endorsement exam, you can apply to
become a media specialist, regardless of your previous teaching experience or knowledge of job functions. This situation speaks volumes with regard to a general misunderstanding of the functions and role a media specialist plays in the schools, especially as it relates to research papers custom supporting exceptional education.