Best games


*Florida Gulf Coast University Ed Media Certificate

A 15 hour program that introduces candidates to the functions of running a media center and elements of media production


*UCF eLearning Program

UCF eLearning Program with Dr. Gunter


*Digital Booktalk:

A collective collaboration between Dr. Robert Kenny from the Educational and Instructional Media Program at Florida Gulf Coast University and Dr. Glenda Gunter from the Educational Technology & e-Learning Program at the University of Central Florida.


*Book Trailers for Readers:

Book Trailers for Readers is a student/teacher wiki that features dozens of book previews and book reviews produced by students and for students.


*Digital yoU:

Digital yoU is about kids, technology, and the story invention process.


*Web English Teacher:

A site dedicated to Building a Community of Readers



Video recorded stories about you and me that express how we encounter the world.meStories also offer the opportunity for students to express their views and ideas on contemporary topics.


*Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology

The United States Department of Education website, provides Teachers and Students with much needed and helpful resources. Within the Department of Education, we use many resources from the Office of Educational Technology.