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Designing a School Library Media Center for the Future: Second Edition

By: Rolf Erikson and Carolyn Markuson
Publisher: ALA Editions
ISBN: 978-0-8389-0945-4
Price: $57.00

Designing a school library media center may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so take advantage! In this hands-on guidebook, school library construction and media specialists Rolf Erikson and Carolyn Markuson share their experiences of working on more than 100 media center building projects around the country, using conceptual plans from actual school libraries.

Combining all aspects of design for the school library media center—floor plans, furniture, technology, bidding, and evaluation—this newly updated edition addresses

Current and future technological needs of the student population
Unique needs of the community library that combines school and public library services
Sustainability and conservation issues to help designers and planners “go green”
Accessibility requirements, including all ADA regulations from the first edition plus the latest material on learning styles and accessibility
Cost control and ways to minimize mistakes using proven bidding and evaluation methods